Ready to walk together and tour the world? Together we will add our steps to reach various destinations. When you have extra time you can bank steps to use later.

You can find out more about the World Walking website and app for the phone below.


Homescreen of App

The home screen on the app shows the steps walked and the steps that have been banked to use at a later time.

Giving a user the ability to apply the banked steps towards a specific destination. This is great if your have extra time and want to store steps to be used at a later time when you are too busy to walk as much.

Selecting a destination will show how much progress has been made towards reaching the final destination.

App screen showing destination
App Image Showing Milestone Reached

Clicking on a Milestone will allow you to learn about that location.

You will have the ability to view the activity towards reaching a destination. Here you can also see how much progress the group has made towards reaching the goal and how many steps you have taken.

App Screen Showing Activity

You can view the street view real-time if you have a compatible step tracker device connected to the app.  If not, you can also view the street view based on the steps that have been taken.

We have the ability to bank steps, which can be used at a later time and applied to a destination of your choosing. There is no need to worry if you have more time one week to the next, because you can apply the banked steps to help us reach  the destination.

App Screenshot Banked Steps
Group Tobusto Fitness on

Look for the Tobusto Fitness group on the website or in the app, so that we can work together to reach destinations.

Search for Tobusto Fitness by entering the group name on the website or in the app and click Search.

Website Searching for a Group
Message Us to Join

Select the group and send us a message so that we can send you an invite to join us.

Get started today by creating your account for the website and/or installing the app for you iPhone or Android phone.  Join the Tobusto Fitness group and start reaching destinations with us or provide us with your e-mail so that we can send you an invite to join the group.



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