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Our Journey

Over the years we have participated and/or competed in various sports since our youth to the present from cycling, softball, track and field, basketball, weightlifting, archery, golf, hiking, rowing, 5Ks, ultimate frisbee, wallyball, and sailing. After entering adulthood and the workplace, we became weekend warriors. We spent more time behind desks and socialize with our co-workers and friends and less time physically active.  Food became more of a convenience due to the demands of the workplace.  Due to the inconsistencies in our training regimen, we found ourselves plague with sports related injuries and weight gain.

After finishing physical therapy, we decided that we need to become proactive instead of reactive so that we could continue to enjoy our activities.  Having the knowledge to know the specific training plan that would be best for us started us on the journey to learn more about fitness.  Once we obtained this knowledge, we became passionate to share this information with others so that they too can have the best quality of life.



NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach


I had a lot of downtime, so I thought to myself what is your passion? Where do you believe you can make the most impact in the world? I came back to my first love fitness and helping others. Reflecting about my senior project in engineering school it was a mechanical knee using an artificial knee to simulate various knee (tendon and ligament) injuries to determine the best brace solution. Human motion was something that I was passionate about, but I started my career in automotive product test and design industry to pay my bills. I remember as a youth I would come up with exercise equipment designs but did not have the skills to fully develop the products and the Internet was not available to obtain the information.

I have been on my own fitness journey trying to eat right and exercising as much as possible. It has been challenging at times trying to balance work and life with trying to stay healthy to improve my quality of life. Let’s work together using my years of instructing in-person and virtually to provide you with the skills to live your best life.




NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Nutrition Coach

I always had a love for coming up with solutions to challenges. Initially I started out doing product design and then software. While learning mechanical designs, I found human motion to be very fascinating, but found my engineering school to be boring and did not continue to pursue higher education for this field.

Years later I have returned to my passion, which is human motion. I have years of experience teaching both virtually and in-person. Together we can develop a plan to meet your goals. 


“Finally, A Fitness Culture Where Everyone is Welcome. LEARN TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.”

Whether you are trying to become more active after being sedentary, trying to regain your strength after an injury, already active, or trying to compete we can work together to help you meet your goal.

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A progressive and systemic training approach is utilized to ensure that you have the most effective program to help you reach your fitness goals with monthly assessments to ensure that you stay on track. Your trainer will work with you to ensure that you continue to progress and have the right program just for you.  We all know that a one size fits all approach does not provide individuals with the personalized results leaving some to feel overchallenged and others underchallenged.



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